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This is WIKINDX v4.2 — a free Virtual Research Environment designed either for single use (on a variety of operating systems) or multi-user collaborative use across the internet. v4.2 of WIKINDX includes many new features and speed enhancements and will automatically upgrade a v3.8.2 and a v4.1 WIKINDX database. This server typically runs the latest development code downloadable through SVN and may therefore have some features not yet available in the public release version.

Feel free to play around with this as you like. Note to researchers: do not trust the references here!

To logon with write permissions, go to the Wikindx menu.

Because this server is a WIKINDX sandpit, the database may be refreshed from time to time so do not be surprised if resources you have created disappear or your registration details vanish.

As a standard user on this wikindx, you will not have access to some functions including:

  • administrative functions
  • importing bibliographies
  • adding attachments
  • email notifications

For these, you will need to download and install WIKINDX yourself. A full list of features may be found at the WIKINDX Home Page.

Because the 'wikindx' user is available to many people on this WIKINDX, you might want to set your view preferences first before exploring:  go to the Wikindx menu and choose Preferences.

This WIKINDX has been configured with a reasonably loose set of write and edit permissions. Administrators can configure WIKINDX with tighter permissions which may mean, for example, that only they can do global editing of keywords or publishers.

From the resources menu,
you may paste BibTeX entries -- on this WIKINDX, a maximum of 5 at a time.

WIKINDX may be extended with language packs and plug-ins including PubMed and Amazon Import plug-ins.  Some functions available in WIKINDX v3.8.2, such as the WYSIWYG word processor and various bibliography import/export functions, are now available as plug-ins in v4.

Some plug-ins have been installed on this WIKINDX including:  word processor, import/export, and Amazon import.

WIKINDX interfaces with a number of Content Management Systems (inc. Moodle, WordPress, Mediawiki, Docuwiki) allowing you to import WIKINDX-formatted references into the application (see the WIKINDX Home Page).

All downloads, forums, bug reports and feature requests may be found at the WIKINDX Sourceforge site.


Recent additions or edits

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Davis, S. L., & Cipollini, D. Do mothers always know best? Biological Invasions. 
Added by: Wikindx Test Drive 09 Feb 2015 20:53:38 Europe/Copenhagen Pop. 10.5%
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